There’s a shy me inside

There’s really a part of me that thinks this blogging thing is silly but another part of me that enjoys the realness of it. 🙂.

You may not know that I’m actually significantly shy. This is funny because my day job has me in public affairs and I go around speaking to large groups at workshops, seminars, and conferences.  I’m really very good at public speaking too and I love it!  The larger the group, the better!

That being said, in school, I would avoid talking to anyone if I could. I was sick for two days before I gave a speech in 7th grade. I cried before I took my first order as a waitress. I would never even try out for sports! None of that sounds like me now, I know, but that little girl is still there. I still get very quiet and anxious around various people. I feel like I’m stuttering over my words and saying them backwards! It’s interesting to me that people don’t see that.

When I’m feeling like that shy little girl now, I just smile and push forward, reminding myself that it’s okay and I just want to make the person I’m talking to feel comfortable.


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