There’s a shy me inside

There’s really a part of me that thinks this blogging thing is silly but another part of me that enjoys the realness of it.¬†ūüôā.

You may not know that I’m actually significantly shy. This is funny because my day job has me in public affairs and I go around speaking to large groups at workshops, seminars, and conferences. ¬†I’m really very good at public speaking too and I love it! ¬†The larger the group, the better!

That being said, in school, I would avoid¬†talking to anyone if I could. I was sick for two days before I gave a speech in 7th grade. I cried before I took my first order as a waitress. I would never even try out for sports! None of that sounds like me now, I know, but that little girl is still there. I still get very quiet and anxious around various people. I feel like I’m stuttering over my words and saying them backwards! It’s interesting to me that people don’t see that.

When I’m feeling like that shy little girl now, I just smile and push forward, reminding myself that it’s okay and I just want to make the person I’m talking to feel comfortable.


Pavement Ponderings

My morning run always inspires me. I’ve written unpublished blogs, books, solved world problems, cussed people out and cried tears. A few weeks ago, I had this crazy inspiration to share one thing a day on Facebook that my friends may or may not know about me. ¬†As I began to share, I was inspired and encouraged to begin a blog. ¬†So here I am.

Initially, I want to share what I shared on Facebook. ¬†I think I might have made it to day 13 and then life got busy and overwhelming. ¬†It has a way of doing that, doesn’t it? Anyway, as I move forward in blogging, I will share other things. ¬†I hope that whatever I share, it touches someone, resonates with someone, and maybe even changes a life or two.

The first thing I shared was that I’m a Christian. ¬†Everything about my marriage and my family is rooted in my faith. ¬†I’ve fallen away from my faith before, doubted it, and depended on it. ¬†The circles of life.

I have a lot of friends who aren’t Christians and I like that. I enjoy the ways in which they challenge me to think differently. I’m not exclusive with my friendship. Many of my non-Christian friends are¬†nicer than Christians I’ve met and more loving. Kind of sad, I think, but true. ¬†Sometimes, I’m judged because of my faith but I’m used to opinions so I blow it off.¬†ūüôā¬†Faith shaming is as ugly as body shaming. Shaming in general is ugly.

So that’s the first thing I want to share. ¬†I’m looking forward to writing more and seeing where this goes.

-The Runner